Say So Long to Excessive Sweating in Houston with miraDry®

April 25, 2018Say So Long to Excessive Sweating in Houston with miraDry® in Houston & Katy, TX


Having to change shirts, reapply antiperspirants and deodorants and the dreaded “sniff test” can put a real damper on your life. Not only can it crush your self-confidence, it can affect your work, your personal relationships, ruin your clothes, and cost you time and money continually managing the extra moisture. But what can you do about it? Luckily, there’s a permanent solution thanks to miraDry®.

Hyperhidrosis Examined

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, occurs when a person’s body sweats more than normal. Sweat is a natural and necessary function of the human body, but many people perspire uncontrollably all the time—not just when nervous or being active. Millions of people in the United States live with this condition, which typically affects the underarms, palms, and head. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say exactly how many suffer from hyperhidrosis since most people never see a doctor for it. Some are too embarrassed to talk about it, while others simply do not realize that this is a treatment.

There’s no known explanation for excessive sweating, but researchers have been able to draw some conclusions. Hyperhidrosis may run in families but it’s not contagious. Oftentimes, another medical conditions, medicines, or food supplements may be at the root of perspiration. It’s also understood that certain nerves tell the body when to sweat, so it’s possible that these nerves are overreacting, causing the body to sweat unnecessarily.

Treatments with miraDry Are No Sweat

There’s a way to get your sweating under control with miraDry. miraDry doesn’t just treat excessive perspiration – it works to stop sweat at the source. Cleared by the FDA, this non-invasive treatment uses precise energy emissions to eliminate the glands that cause hyperhidrosis for good. During the in-office treatment, Dr. Gopathi will mark the targeted area with a special template and apply a local anesthetic so that your session is as comfortable as possible. She will then place the miraDry handpiece directly onto your skin. Once it’s activated, the skin is lightly suctioned into an applicator and the energy is delivered, wiping out sweat and odor glands. The entire process takes just about an hour and a half, it comfortable, and there’s no downtime after the procedure.

Results are permanent, though you may need a follow-up session to ensure your desired outcome. The best part is that results are immediate so you don’t have to wait around for your body to react to the change. You can put on your favorite outfit and not have to worry about an expensive dry-cleaning bill.

Are There Any Alternatives to miraDry?

There is another safe and useful way to control excessive perspiration—Botox. Also cleared by the FDA, Botox has been available to stop superfluous sweat since 2004. While it can be an effective treatment, it does come with its share of drawbacks. Botox is temporary and only lasts for about three to four months at a time, which means you’ll need to get on-going injections at least a couple of times a year to reap its anti-sweat benefits. That can also cost you lots of money and time in the long run, and there’s always the chance of embarrassing sweat and odor returning at the worst possible moment when the Botox wears off. One the other hand, miraDry was specifically formulated to address the sweat and odor glands, permanently alleviating your perspiration concerns and giving you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about this annoying problem again.

Stop the Sweat with miraDry in Houston at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Dr. Ravi and Dr. Gopathi understand the impact excessive sweating can have on your life and overall wellbeing. They and their dedicated team are committed to helping you stop the sweat for good. Contact us online or give us a call at 281-242-1061 if you have any questions about miraDry, or if you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation. Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics is conveniently located in Houston, Texas near Memorial, Spring Valley, Katy, and the Galleria.

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