Breast Implant Revision

“The best recommendation I have for women with breast implants in place for more than 10 years is to switch them out for newer implants prior to complications.  It’s best to have a simple implant exchange versus a more complex procedure if issues were to arise.” – Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Breast augmentation is the most common plastic surgery procedure performed today. However, not every augmentation provides ideal results. Even with the most experienced surgeon, unexpected problems may occur. After surgery, some women may find their breasts are too large or small, no longer fitting their physical proportions or lifestyle. The implants may be malpositioned, asymmetrical, or sit low on the chest. Additionally, although complications following a breast augmentation are rare, there is still a small chance for issues such as capsular contracture, rippling, rupture, leakage, and deflation. Conversely, other women may have nothing ‘wrong’ with their implants; however they may find themselves wanting to switch out their saline implants for silicone.

What is Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision is a specialized surgical technique designed specifically to correct the issues that can arise following breast augmentation. Dr. Ravi Somayazula’s secondary breast surgery can provide an effective option for restoring a healthy, aesthetically pleasing chest. Custom-tailored to the individual patient’s needs, Dr. Ravi’s breast augmentation revision will replace the original breast implants with a more appropriate shape, size, or type, offering women the most proportionate, natural-looking results possible.

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

Reasons for Breast Implant Revision

There are many reasons that a woman may be forced to consider a breast implant revision. Once her implants have settled on the chest, they may be larger or smaller than intended, or poorly positioned. Additionally, complications may occur after surgery that require immediate attention, such as an implant rupture or capsular contracture. No matter the reason, Dr. Ravi and the team at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics will gently walk each patient through the revision process, achieving a safe and satisfying result.

A breast implant revision will improve:

  • Ruptured Implants
  • Rippling
  • Asymmetry
  • Animation deformity
  • Capsular contracture
  • Symmastia (merging of implants)
  • ‘Bottoming Out’
    (implants sinking below breast crease)
  • Lateral displacement (implant shift)
  • Dissatisfaction in size, feel, or appearance

“I had a breast augmentation in 2000. I decided to book my implant exchange in May with Dr. Ravi. He took the time to listen to my needs and concerns. I never felt rushed and he explained the procedure thoroughly. He was professional, respectful and his bedside manner was to par. As an RN, I have worked with a variety of physicians. My rule is, I would never work for a doctor if I would not allow them to practice medicine on me. I would work with Dr. Ravi!”

– Jenn C., Houston, TX

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Breast Implant Revision?

Almost anyone who is unhappy with the results from an initial breast augmentation procedure may make a good candidate for Dr. Ravi’s breast implant revision. A potential patient should be in overall good health, a nonsmoker, understand the recommended technique, and hold realistic expectations for the final results. To determine if a breast implant revision procedure is right for you, a confidential consultation will first be arranged at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics.

What to Expect During Your Breast Revision Consultation

Patients should set aside at least an hour for their breast implant revision consultation with Dr. Ravi. This appointment is an important part of the revision process, as it provides Dr. Ravi time to learn more about your individual concerns and desires. During the consultation, Dr. Ravi will perform an in-depth physical examination, determine the health of your existing implants, and assess skin elasticity. At this time, Dr. Ravi will also carefully review your medical history, current medications, and discuss pertinent health issues.

After listening to your aesthetic goals, Dr. Ravi will explain the various options and techniques available for implant revision. He will show numerous before/after photographs of his recent breast implant revision patients, helping to create a clear picture of the potential results. Once Dr. Ravi has determined that you are a good candidate for the breast implant revision procedure, he will create a personalized treatment plan. If there are any remaining concerns, Dr. Ravi or his patient coordinator will be available to address your questions. Together, Dr. Ravi will work with you in making an educated, informed decision regarding how to move forward with the augmentation revision procedure.

The Revision Mammoplasty Pre-Op Evaluation

Approximately two weeks before the breast implant revision procedure, you will be seen in the office for a pre-op evaluation. This office visit will provide a time to ask any last minute questions of Dr. Ravi or his patient care coordinator. Specific instructions for before and after the surgery will be provided. Dr. Ravi will go over a thorough list of ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for this period. Prescriptions for pain and nausea medications, as well as an antibiotic, will be provided. Please have these filled prior to the procedure. Finally, ‘before’ photographs will be taken and consent forms will be signed.

For a safe procedure, please remember:

  • Avoid aspirin and NSAIDS two weeks before your breast implant revision, as these can cause unexpected bleeding and bruising. Do not resume these medications until at least two weeks after your procedure.
  • Stop taking any and all herbal supplements at least one week before surgery, as these may result in delayed wound healing. No supplements should be reintroduced until at least a week following your breast augmentation revision.
  • Cease all smoking, nicotine, and e-cigarettes for at least a four weeks before your breast implant revision. Nicotine products will decrease circulation, risking serious complications and delays in wound healing. Women should not resume smoking until at least four weeks into their recovery.

How is Revision Mammoplasty Performed?

Dr. Ravi’s breast revision procedures are performed at an accredited surgical center, using general anesthesia, under the care of a board-certified Anesthesiologist.  The surgery will take from one to four hours to perform, depending on the specific techniques utilized and the extent of correction.

To begin the breast implant revision procedure, Dr. Ravi will make thin incisions along the breast as needed based on the chosen procedure. If possible, his incisions will run along the existing scar lines, although this is not always possible. Once the incisions are made, Dr. Ravi will provide the necessary correction. In certain cases, the skin and internal support tissues may not be able to handle the stress of new, bigger implants. If this is the case, Dr. Ravi may recommend acellular dermis matrix for added internal support.

Breast Implant Revision Techniques Include:

  • Implant Exchange – An implant exchange is an excellent option for those women who are unhappy with the size, symmetry, or placement of their original implants, or have experienced a ruptured implant. Dr. Ravi will assist in determining the most appropriate size implant needed to achieve natural-looking, proportionate results. The new implants can be larger or smaller than the original implants, to either maintain or correct your appearance.
  • Capsular Contracture – Scar tissue is expected to form around the breast implant. However in some cases, this capsule will become too thick, tightening and squeezing the implant, sometimes causing a deformed breast shape. Dr. Ravi will soften and remove this thick capsule of scar tissue, creating a new pocket for replacement implants.
  • Implant Malposition – Implants may slide or migrate within the breast pocket, pushing into the breast fold, creating an unnatural contour, making breasts asymmetrical, or ‘bottoming out’ with too much implant sinking to the lower pole. To address malposition, Dr. Ravi will create a new breast pocket, replace the implants, and when needed, add a surgical matrix for additional support.
  • Double Bubble – Implants that sink along the chest wall, protruding past the breast crease, may form what is commonly referred to as a ‘double bubble’. This complication is seen more often in patients with large or heavy implants, tuberous breasts, poorly placed implants, or scarring from previous breast surgery. To correct a ‘double bubble’, Dr. Ravi will replace the existing implants, recreating an appropriately shaped breast pocket. In some cases, adding a tissue matrix can improve strength within the breast, keeping the implant safely in position.
  • Wrinkling and Rippling– Wrinkles and ripples are more common with underfilled saline implants, although they may occur after any breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Ravi can improve the appearance of a wrinkled or rippled breast by replacing the existing implants, potentially placing the new implants behind the muscle, and when the situations needs it, add a tissue matrix for strength.
  • Symmastia – Symmastia is a unique malposition where the breast implants are pushed together across the midline of the sternum, creating a ‘uni-boob’. Dr. Ravi can improve symmastia by removing the existing implants, redefining the breast pockets, then adding new implants.

The exact technique used during your breast implant revision will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Ravi. As this can be a stressful time for many women, Dr. Ravi and his team will walk you through the process, step by step. This ensures a satisfying procedure, and healthy, natural-looking results that can last for years to come.

Recovery After Breast Implant Revision Surgery

Women should expect their breast implant revision recovery to take about two weeks. While most women are feeling good enough to return to work in less than a week, everyone heals at different rates. It is normal to be tired and  sore for the first several days after surgery. It is also common to have fleeting tenderness, numbness, or feel pressure along the chest. Dr. Ravi suggests that women enlist the assistance of a spouse, friend, or family member during the first day or two after surgery, providing help with household chores and childcare.

A compression garment or surgical bra will need to be worn for several weeks, reducing the chance for swelling and providing the needed support. However, residual swelling can continue for up to six months. Strenuous exercise and heavy lifting should be postponed for two to six weeks depending on the exact procedure performed. Through a series of follow up appointments, Dr. Ravi will keep a close eye on your recovery. As you heal, Dr. Ravi will give you the go-ahead to safely resume activities.

If you are considering a breast implant revision, contact Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics to schedule a confidential consultation, today.

If you have found yourself or someone you know to be unhappy with the results from a primary breast augmentation procedure, there can be no substitute for an in-person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ravi. As a well-known breast augmentation provider in Houston, Dr. Ravi brings a kind, accommodating bedside manner to each encounter, he thoroughly answers all of your questions, and quells concerns.  Through a proper evaluation, Dr. Ravi can clearly map out a treatment plan, designed to help you achieve your desired aesthetic results.

Contact Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics to schedule your breast augmentation revision consultation appointment. Our state-of-the-art office is located on the Katy Freeway, easily accessible from any part of Houston and the surrounding communities. If you are coming from outside of the Houston-area, please speak with a patient coordinator for assistance with driving directions or travel suggestions.

Revision Mammoplasty FAQs

  • What is a breast implant revision?
    Breast implant revision surgery is a unique procedure, designed to correct the results from a previous breast augmentation. By replacing the existing implants, Dr. Ravi can dramatically improve the appearance and ensure a woman’s overall health.
  • Why would a woman seek out a revision mammoplasty?
    There are a variety of reasons women seek a breast implant revision, including leaking, ruptured, or aging implants, as well as capsular contracture. Most often, however, a revision mammoplasty is performed when the patient decides a different size or shape implant would best fit her physical proportions, lifestyle, and image.
  • Am I a good candidate for a breast augmentation revision?
    Almost anyone can make a good candidate for a breast augmentation revision procedure. Ideal candidates will be in generally good health, with a clear understanding of the revision technique, and hold realistic surgical expectations.
  • How long can I expect my recovery to take, following a breast implant revision?
    In general, the recovery time following a breast implant revision will take from one to two weeks. Most women are feeling good enough to return to work in less than a week. However, residual swelling can take up to six months to fully resolve. Regular exercise can be resumed in two to six weeks depending on the technique and procedure.
  • What are the potential complications from Dr. Ravi’s breast implant revision procedures?
    A breast implant revision procedure is considered safe and effective, although the surgery does hold some risk. Potential complications are similar to that of a breast augmentation, including infection, bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, breast asymmetry, and capsular contracture. Prior to scheduling a breast implant revision procedure, Dr. Ravi will thoroughly discuss the potential risks and complications associated with the surgery.

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