The Best Tummy Tuck Tips for a Quick and Comfortable Recovery


Different plastic surgery procedures have different “downtimes”. The tummy tuck procedure, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a powerful way of contouring the tummy to create a beautiful looking midsection. This cosmetic surgery requires all patients to take the postoperative instructions seriously to have the easiest recovery with the best results possible. The staff at Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics and I are here to make every step of your journey as comfortable as possible. Here are my top five tips that can help you make a knowledgeable, timely recovery.

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Why You Must Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Published 11/2/2017

Plastic surgery can help you reach your cosmetic goals. However, when coupled with an unqualified physician, plastic surgery may not only yield visually displeasing results, but can also prove to be dangerous. As the popularity of plastic surgery increases—so do the number of incidences of patients being duped into receiving treatments from those who have not received proper education, training and certification.
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Breast Augmentation with the No Touch Technique

Published 10/19/2017

A well-known complication of breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture. We previously discussed what a capsular contracture is in a blog titled “What is Capsular Contracture?”. With scientific research, we have learned that when the breast implant touches the skin, it comes into contact with the skin’s normal bacteria. A biofilm eventually forms which can down the road lead to scar tightening, thus capsular contracture. We have also learned that surgeons can take certain steps in order to decrease the risk of the patient developing a capsular contracture.

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5 Things to Consider Before Your Tummy Tuck

Published 10/5/2017

If you have loose, excessive skin and fat at your abdomen, you’re not alone. Many women and men complain about this, plus see no improvement after spending hour after hour in the gym and living with a very strict diet. How frustrating! A tummy tuck could be the answer for you. It’s one of the most popular procedures performed at Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics by our board-certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ravi Somayazula. Specializing in cosmetic procedures of the breast and body, he’s learned with experience that an abdominoplasty will not only transform the way your midsection looks, but it will also change the way you feel about yourself and increase self-confidence. If you look good, you feel good! Before you jump right into it, here are five things to consider before your tummy tuck.

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Tummy Tuck Myths Put To Rest

Published 09/28/2017

We know how myths about certain plastic surgery procedures circulate around the internet, your friends, and the media. We often have clients coming into our Houston office still hesitant about a surgery because of something they may have heard. At Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, we want to put some of those common myths to rest and give you a good idea of what the process of a tummy tuck really looks like. 

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What is Capsular Contracture?

Published 09/14/2017

Forming scar tissue is a natural response by the body to a “foreign object”, in this case, the breast implant. A capsule forms in all cases, but it is only with tightening and constriction of this scar that a capsular contracture occurs.

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How to Easily Get Started on Healthy, Youthful Skin

Published 08/17/2017

One of the most common questions I am asked by my patients every day is what they can do to achieve younger, more radiant skin. With a million skin care products available at the drugstore and cosmetics counter, trying to navigate the vast array of moisturizers, cleansers, and sunscreens feels overwhelming. To end the confusion, and simplify the process, I have put together a group of medical grade skin care products that are worth the investment in time and money.

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A Better Backside with Sculptra®

Published 08/01/2017

Did you get a chance to check out Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery’s last blog post about the collagen stimulator, Sculptra? In it, we explored collagen loss and how it can affect our facial appearance as we age. We shared how Sculptra actually encourages collagen production to add long-lasting volume. What we didn’t talk about, however, is that the age-defying effects of Sculptra are not limited to the face. It’s true! Sculptra has the unique ability to also enhance your derriere!

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It Is Possible to Rebuild Collagen with Sculptra®

Published 07/12/2017

As of late, collagen has become a bit of a buzzword in the beauty world. For good reason! Collagen is a key, naturally-occurring structural component and is fundamental to our skin’s elasticity and well as facial volume. When young and collagen is plentiful, the face is rounder and the overlying skin appears firm and taut.  Collagen plays a very important structural role by adding volume to the underlying tissue.  You’ve probably noticed that with age comes volume loss in multiple areas of the face.  This sunken in appearance causes a more aged appearance as well as looseness of the overlying skin.  The main culprit of this is a decrease in naturally produced collagen as we age.
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RealSelf 100 Award To Influencers in Cosmetic Medicine to Dr. Ravi Somayazula

Published 06/12/2017

RealSelf is a one-stop online community for surgical and noninvasive cosmetic procedure information, including before/after photographs, patient reviews, and ‘Worth It’ ratings. One of the most notable aspects of RealSelf is the plethora of Q&A questions, answered by participating board certified RealSelf physicians including our own board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ravi Somayazula. With a variety of doctors represented on RealSelf, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and cosmetic dentists, no aesthetic procedure is left out. Founder and CEO of RealSelf, Tom Seery, states, “Our research shows that more than 95 percent of patients expect a practice to engage with them online. These doctors are leading the way in terms of their online engagement and focus on empowering patients with good information.” Starting in 2006, and growing every year, RealSelf now has more than 9.3 million unique users every month.
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