Stubborn areas of isolated fat are a common issue for both men and women. No matter how healthy the lifestyle or regular the workouts, frustrating fatty deposits can appear almost anywhere on the body. Whether due to weight fluctuations, hormonal changes, age, or genetics, these areas of fat are often resistant to diet and exercise. The most effective method for ridding the body of stubborn fat is liposuction. Trusted for decades, liposuction can reduce localized pockets of fat and restore a sculpted figure. Dr. Ravi Somayazula and the team at Houston’s Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics starts with a comprehensive visit to learn more about your goals and helps to determine a path to a more defined you.

The Liposuction Technique:

Liposuction is a tried and true method of fat reduction, using a thin cannula (hollow tube) to remove fat cells from beneath the skin. This surgical technique is performed on an outpatient basis, with most patients resting at home the same day. Liposuction is safe, providing dramatic results in the body’s shape and curves that may not be possible with diet and exercise alone. Best of all, as fat cells are removed, the body sculpting results of liposuction are long-lasting with the maintenance of your body weight. To Dr. Ravi, liposuction is not simply removing fat, but an opportunity to use cutting-edge techniques to sculpt a more contoured body.

Liposuction be used to improve the:
  • Abdomen (Muffin Top)
  • Bra Rolls
  • Thighs
  • Flanks (Love Handles)
  • Chin and Neck/Jowls
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Male Breasts

Dr. Ravi’s liposuction techniques may be enough to provide significant results on their own. However, for optimal body contouring in some patients, Dr. Ravi combines liposuction with additional cosmetic surgery techniques, such as the Tummy Tuck or Brachioplasty. Dr. Ravi’s Mommy Makeover is typically a combination of a breast procedure and Tummy Tuck with the addition of liposuction. Individually designed by Dr. Ravi to address each women’s specific needs after pregnancy. The Body Lift surgery was created especially for those patients who have been through a massive weight loss, utilizing both liposuction and skin excision techniques along with muscle tightening, helping to achieve a tauter, smoother figure. During the consultation appointment, Dr. Ravi will determine the best technique(s) to achieve the individual patient’s desired results.

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

Why Choose Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics for Liposuction?

Board certified and Harvard-trained plastic surgeon, Dr. Ravi Somayazula has a special interest in liposuction and brings his continuing education and technique advances to his Houston liposuction patients. Specializing in forward thinking and state-of-the-art techniques for the breast and body, Dr. Ravi offers natural, body changing results. As a team, Dr. Ravi and his staff of aesthetic professionals strive to create a long-lasting relationship with each patient. Starting with a confidential, personalized consultation, Dr. Ravi walks each patient through their desired procedure, step-by-step.

"I gained about 30 lbs in my first year of marriage and decided it's time to get back to the 'old but upgraded me.' I am week 3 post-op and have seen him twice after to check progress. I am in love with my new body. Dr. Ravi is amazing!!! Thank you for giving me back my figure." - C.W., Sugar Land, TX

The Ideal Liposuction Candidate:

The best candidates for liposuction are both men and women struggling with stubborn areas of fat, such as Love Handles, a Muffin Top, or Double Chin, despite being at a stable weight. Potential patients should be in good health, fully understand the liposuction procedure, and hold realistic expectations for their final results.

Liposuction should never be used as a method of weight loss or as an alternative to diet and exercise. Candidates should be close to their desired body weight, with good tissue elasticity. If the skin is too lax, it will not bounce back after liposuction, risking additional sagging as the tissues heal. In this case, Dr. Ravi may recommend a skin excision technique, as well, to achieve the desired results.

Your Liposuction Consultation:

Dr. Ravi’s liposuction procedure will be customized, based on your specific needs and aesthetic goals. Prior to your liposuction surgery, a private consultation with will be scheduled with Dr. Ravi and the patient coordinator. At this time, Dr. Ravi will get to the know your personal situation and lifestyle. He will discuss the various options and techniques for liposuction, showing before/after photographs of his recent patients. Next, Dr. Ravi will perform a thorough physical examination before determining the best approach to meet your individual desires.

Bringing a great bedside manner to every procedure, Dr. Ravi encourages you to become thoroughly informed during the consultation appointment. Please be sure to set aside an hour to an hour and a half for your appointment, allowing time for a thorough evaluation.

The Liposuction Pre-Op Evaluation:

Approximately two weeks before the liposuction procedure, you will be seen for a preoperative appointment. During this visit, you will be asked to sign all necessary surgical consent forms and take “Before” photographs. A detailed informational packet, with specific instructions for before and after your surgery will be provided. Dr. Ravi will review a list of “do’s and don’ts”, ensuring that you are knowledgeable and ready for the upcoming procedure. At this time, Dr. Ravi will write several prescriptions which need to be filled prior to the day of surgery, including an antibiotic, pain, and anti-nausea medications.


  • To prevent excessive bruising, stop aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as Ibuprofen, a week before surgery.
  • Herbs and supplements should be stopped a week before surgery, as these can cause complications and interrupt the healing process.
  • Stop smoking at least four weeks before your liposuction procedure, and do not resume nicotine products for at least four weeks after surgery, to avoid unnecessary complications and delayed wound healing.
  • For the best possible results, closely follow all instructions provided by Dr. Ravi. Should any questions or concerns arise, contact Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics immediately.

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

The Liposuction Procedure:

Dr. Ravi’s liposuction procedure is performed on an outpatient basis at a local, accredited surgical center, under general anesthesia or local sedation. Depending on the specific technique and extent of correction, liposuction can take from one to four hours.

To begin the liposuction procedure, Dr. Ravi will make several small incisions, 4-5 mm in length, along the target area. From here, a thin cannula or small tube, will be inserted into the fat layer. Dr. Ravi will use the cannula to carefully break up the underlying fat cells. The unwanted fat is then vacuumed away through the cannula. Dr. Ravi will meticulously sculpt the target area until the desired fat has been eliminated and the desired results are achieved. Then a compression garment will be put in place to facilitate healing and reduce the chance for post-op swelling.

Some people wonder what is done with this removed fat. In most cases this fat is thrown away, but you do have the option of using your own body’s natural fat to add volume to other areas of your body. A Fat Transfer is when you take freshly removed fat via liposuction which is then cleaned and purified in order to inject it into other areas of needed volume. This can include to the breasts, buttocks for a Brazilian Butt Lift and face.

Getting Back to Normal After Liposuction:

Before leaving the surgical center, Dr. Ravi will provide clear instructions on how long the compression garment should be worn after your liposuction procedure. During the first one to two weeks, drainage will occur from your incisions which is a normal part of the healing process as your body is ridding itself of extra fluid. This helps prevent blood or fluid from building up beneath the skin.

It is common to experience redness, bruising, and swelling after liposuction. Additionally, you may be tired and sore for the first several days. Everyone will experience their liposuction recovery differently. While most patients are able to resume light activities and work within the first week, others may require additional days of recovery before returning to their daily routine. Exercise should be postponed for four to six weeks, or until Dr. Ravi gives the green light to add slowly add more strenuous activities. However, it is extremely important to start walking as much as possible immediately after surgery. Arnica is a natural herbal medication known to improve swelling and bruising.

Liposuction Results:

Liposuction Before and After

These before & after photos are from a specific patient. Results may vary. Schedule a personalized consultation with our doctor to learn more.

While some benefits from liposuction may be noticeable immediately, the area will remain hard and swollen for several weeks. Over the following 3 to 6 months, as the body heals and residual swelling resolves, the overall contouring results from Dr. Ravi’s liposuction can be seen. The enhancements from surgery will continue to improve over the next six to twelve months.

Since fat cells have been eliminated, the results from liposuction are long-lasting. However, the remaining fatty tissue (because not every single fat cell can be removed) can begin to expand if a significant amount of weight is put on. Therefore, patients are encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. This will ensure the benefits of treatment can last for years to come.

Dr. Ravi through years of experience incorporates the most innovative, cutting-edge liposuction techniques available, making his procedures both safe and effective. However, liposuction is an invasive procedure, holding a small chance for complications to occur. While rare, there is always a slight risk for unexpected bleeding, scarring, infection, asymmetry, and nerve damage. Choosing an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ravi, ensures patients achieve satisfying results in the safest of environments.

VASER Liposuction

Dr. Ravi also offers a new state-of-the-art Liposuction technique that utilizes Ultrasound waves to break up fat called VASER Liposuction. During a consultation, Dr. Ravi can identify which Liposuction treatment is right for you.

Contact Us To Find Out If Liposuction Is Right For You:

Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is happy to provide you with this basic liposuction information, however, there is no substitute for a personal consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Call Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic at 281-241-1061 to schedule your consultation, or fill out our online Contact Us form. During your initial appointment, our friendly staff will provide in-depth answers to all of your questions about liposuction, the technique’s recovery requirements, and fully explain your financing options. The team at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is here to guide you each step of the way, always ensuring an informed decision-making process.

Liposuction FAQ:

  • What is lipsuction?
    Liposuction is a plastic surgical technique designed to eliminate isolated areas of fat. As one of the most trusted plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States each year, liposuction has the ability to contour almost any area of the body, permanently reducing stubborn fat.
  • Am I a good candidate for liposuction at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics?
    Almost anyone interested in eliminating isolated areas of fatty tissue, to improve the body’s shape and contour, may make a good candidate for liposuction. Potential patients should be in overall good health, around their ideal body weight with reasonable expectations for their final results.
  • How long will Dr. Ravi’s liposuction procedure take to perform?
    Depending on the individual patient and the technique used, Dr. Ravi’s liposuction procedure can take from one to four hours.
  • When can I return to work after liposuction?
    Following their liposuction procedure, most patients are feeling good enough to return to work, school, and routine activities in a week or less. Keep in mind that every individual does heal differently.
  • What are the potential complications of liposuction?
    Liposuction from Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is considered a safe and effective procedure. However, although rare, there is always a small chance for complications to occur after the semi-invasive procedure. Side-effects from liposuction may include unexpected bleeding, infection, scarring, blood clots, fat embolism, and nerve damage. During your liposuction consultation appointment, Dr. Ravi will carefully review the potential for side-effects and complications.
  • How Painful Is Liposuction?
    Liposuction is performed under general or local anesthesia and should not result in any discomfort. Following surgery, some swelling and bruising are to be expected. Mild discomfort is possible during recovery as well, but can easily be dealt with through the use of over-the-counter pain medication or, in some cases, medications prescribed by Dr. Ravi. You can help reduce your risks for both discomfort and sustained swelling by following all of the pre and postoperative directions provided by our office.
  • How Should I Prepare for Lipo?
    In preparation for liposuction surgery, we will require that you stop using any products with nicotine and cease certain medications, herbs, and supplements. During the planning phase for your surgery, we will cover these things in greater detail depending on their relevance to your daily life. We suggest you arrange for help from a trusted adult for the first few days following liposuction. This will allow you to better rest and recover. Having space already prepared for this purpose is also suggested. Stock it with needful things such as good books, interesting magazines, and a list of shows you might want to catch up on or binge. This will help ensure you have a relaxing and comfortable place to rest for the first 24 to 48 hours following surgery. Specifics about when to stop eating and drinking before surgery will be dependent on factors unique to your procedure. We will provide you with customized instructions well in advance of your surgery to help you plan accordingly.
  • What Are the Benefits and Risks of Liposuction?
    Liposuction helps to eliminate fat deposits that may not respond to diet and exercise. It can remove lumpy, bulging areas from the body, produce a firm and toned appearance, and even allow for greater range of motion. A better toned and defined frame can improve clothing options, enhance self-esteem, and provide a springboard for a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle, which could serve to reduce your risks for many illnesses. The best way to learn what liposuction can do for you is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Houston office. While rare, liposuction does come with general surgical risks including bleeding and infection. Risks specific to liposuction include nerve and tissue damage, unappealing results such as dimples and divots, and large scars. Your risks for these things are reduced when you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Ravi, who performs all of his procedures in an accredited surgical facility. Risks are further reduced by closely adhering to all of the pre and postoperative instructions provided by our office.
  • How Long Do Liposuction Results Last?
    With proper care, including a healthy diet and commitment to getting plenty of exercise, your liposuction results can last forever.
  • Does Liposuction Permanently Remove Fat?
    Fat removed through liposuction cannot come back. However, if care is not taken to maintain your results, new fat can accumulate. Eating a healthy diet and making sure to exercise every day will help to ensure your liposuction results are permanent. If you struggle with these things, consider working with a licensed nutritionist and certified personal trainer, professionals who can assist you in finding the right combination of food and exercise to meet your specific goals.


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