Tummy Tuck Q&A

  • How long after a tummy tuck do I need to wear the compression garment?
    Wearing the compression garment as instructed by your plastic surgeon is important for maximizing results and minimizing complications. The compression garment reduces the swelling and prevents fluid from accumulating known as a seroma. The garments should be worn for a period of 8 weeks day and night removing it only to shower.
  • How long will I have drains in place after my tummy tuck?
    Drains are in place for 1-3 weeks. The majority of the drains are removed in 1 week, however, depending upon the daily drainage outputs, they can remain in place for up to 3 weeks. The drains are removed in the office and do not hurt when removed. Instructions on properly emptying the drains and recording the drains are given. It is important to ensure that once the fluid from the drain is removed, that proper suction is maintained to ensure that the drain continues to work properly.
  • Is it possible to have a tummy tuck as well as a Brazilian Butt Lift at the same time?
    It is certainly possible to have both procedures at the same time. Typically, the tummy tuck procedure recovery is 2 weeks. Patients experience more discomfort with the tummy tuck. There is very little to no discomfort with the Brazilian Butt Lift. Sometimes it is better to have the procedures performed separately. During the initial consultation, Dr. Ravi will examine you and talk with you about your goals and expectations to ensure the best possible result in the safest manner with the least discomfort as possible.

Mommy Makeover Q&A

  • What are three tips for someone considering a Mommy Makeover?
    1. Make sure you have no plans for future pregnancies. Future pregnancies after a mommy makeover will cause re-stretching of the skin over the tummy and breasts. This leads eventually to a suboptimal result and potential need for another surgery. 2. Be as close to your goal weight as possible, I usually recommend being within at least 15 pounds of your goal weight. Although you do not have to be exactly at your pre-pregnancy weight, being within the 15 pounds ensures that you will have a very nice result afterwards. 3. Your weight should be stable for at least 2-3 months. Weight fluctuations or yo-yo diets in which one gains weight, loses it, then gains weight again is not ideal prior to surgery. Proper continuation of diet and nutrition with exercise (when appropriate after surgery) will ensure long lasting results.
  • Would someone who has had 4 C-sections in the past be a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?
    If you are in generally good health, then you are an excellent candidate for a Mommy Makeover. During your initial consultation, a thorough medical history is taken to make sure you are a good surgical candidate. We also make sure your weight is within a good range based on your height. In most cases, someone who has had multiple pregnancies would benefit from an Abdominoplasty. During that procedure, all the excess skin below the belly button is removed and Liposuction is typically performed in the upper part of the abdomen, waist, and flank areas (sometimes I also recommend liposuction of the back and bra rolls to give that final touch to perfect the silhouette). The previous C-section scar is removed in this process and the muscles of your abdominal wall are repaired to tighten and shrink your waistline. As far as the breasts are concerned, either a Breast Lift only, Breast Reduction with Lift, Breast Implants only, or Breast Implants with Lift are the various possibilities to improve any concerns you may have. A popular procedure now is Fat Transfer to the Breasts with or without lift for those looking for a natural, subtle change. The specific recommendation for you will be based upon a clear understanding of what exactly bothers you about the shape and size of your breast.
  • I will be having abdominal surgery to remove fibroids in my uterus. How long before I can have a Tummy Tuck?
    Depending on if the operation was performed laparoscopically (with small incisions and a camera), or a full vertical incision will determine this when a Tummy Tuck can be performed. This can range from 6 weeks to 6 months. This time period ensures that the internal swelling has settled down and to make sure the muscles have healed properly to prevent hernias.
  • I’m 8 weeks post gastric sleeve with current weight of 209 pounds. I am interested in a tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants as part of a Mommy Makeover. How soon can I have my procedure? I have a significant amount of sagging skin in my tummy as well as in my breasts.
    Congratulations on your weight loss! To maximize your results, it is important to make sure that your weight has been at least stable for 3 months. Many individuals after their majority loss of weight after a gastric sleeve do put back on a small amount of weight. Making sure your weight has been stable for 3 months ensures that you will have the best result possible. The procedure involves a tummy tuck, which removes all the skin below your belly button, repairing the muscle to improve the waistline, and liposuction of the flank and back areas. Breast implants are placed to replace the lost breast volume after weight loss and a breast lift improves the shape of the breast over the implant by removing sagging skin. Typically these procedures can be performed at the same time but it is important to be seen by a board certified plastic surgeon who performs many breast and body contouring procedures to examine you to make sure that you can safely undergo all these procedures at the same time.
  • I am planning on getting a mommy makeover in the fall. I have four children and was wondering how long I will need help for?
    The recovery process after surgery is just as important as your surgery and we explain and thoroughly go through the dos and don’ts following surgery. To have a successful recovery after your procedure, you will certainly need help around the house with the kids and this specifically depends on their age and independence. In general, the first 2 weeks can be difficult and you will be walking slightly hunched over and sleeping propped up. No lifting greater than 5-10 pounds is permitted for approximately 6 weeks. Although it is very important that you begin walking the night of your procedure and continue this daily, you will not be able to participate in strenuous activity for 6 weeks to 3 months. I typically counsel my patients to walk 20 minutes the night of surgery and 15 minutes 3 times/day for 2 weeks to minimize the chance of blood clots in the legs. Depending upon the physical demands of what you do for work, most people may return to work after 2 weeks.
  • Is it normal to have a red appearance of scars after a Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift?
    Depending upon your skin type, it can be common to have redness or hyperpigmentation after your procedures. A red scar is more common on lighter skinned individuals. Typically, this improves with time. It takes a minimum of 6 weeks for incisions to heal with continual scar fading and improvement in appearance for up to one year. At the one year mark, the scar will likely have its final result. Certain non-invasive procedures, such as IPLs or lasers, can be used to help the scars look better. Also, a scar revision procedure may be performed to remove the old scar. At Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, we spend time educating you on a strict scar care regimen, which includes scar massage and medical grade silicone scar cream, both stating at 2 weeks after surgery.

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