Natural Looking Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Before and After Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation09/15/2019 
If you desire a larger and shapelier bust but are averse to having foreign objects (breast implants) placed into your body, breast augmentation with fat transfer may be the exact solution you have been looking for. With this procedure, Dr. Ravi uses fat taken from your own body to gently enhance and reshape the breasts, producing results that both look and feel entirely natural.

Traditional breast augmentation uses silicone or saline breast implants to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. While incredibly effective and capable of producing stunning results, implants may need to be replaced or repositioned over time. By contrast, breast augmentation with fat transfer produces a permanent result that will not require revision. However, because some of the fat that is inserted into the breasts will be reabsorbed following natural breast augmentation, it is possible that more than one procedure will be necessary to achieve ideal cup size. This will be discussed in greater detail during your initial consultation at our Houston office.

Additional Sculpting

Breast augmentation with fat transfer utilizes fat form your own body, which helps to reduce the risk of rejection. What’s more, the removal of fat from the donor area will help sculpt and tone that region of the body as well.

Using advanced liposuction techniques, Dr. Ravi will carefully remove fat from an area that has enough to spare. Common donor sites include:

  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Flanks

After fat has been removed from the selected area of the body, it undergoes a process of purification before being reinserted into strategically targeted areas of the breasts. The amount of fat removed and the amount of fat injected will be dependent on various factors unique to your body and desires. Good candidates for fat transfer breast augmentation must have enough fat on the body to support liposuction. If your frame is smaller or not enough fat is present, breast augmentation with implants will be a better option.

Understanding Recovery from Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

The incisions used for fat transfer breast augmentation are incredibly small, which reduces both surgical risks and postoperative scarring. The smaller incisions may also help reduce overall recovery time, though some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort can be expected for several days.

The area that has been treated with liposuction may also have some swelling, bruising, and postoperative discomfort, but most women are able to resume working at non-demanding jobs and to resume similar activities within just a few days.

Full recovery from liposuction and fat transfer breast augmentation may take up to six weeks. At this time, Dr. Ravi will be able to assess your results and determine if additional procedures will be needed to produce ideal results. Additional procedures are not typically needed, but they are possible. If you are concerned about having more than one procedure, more reliable results can be achieved with breast implants. This will be discussed as Dr. Ravi covers all of your breast augmentation options during your initial consultation.

To schedule your breast augmentation consultation, please call Body by Ravi at 281-242-1061 today. Located in Houston, Dr. Ravi welcomes women from The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, and all nearby Texas communities.

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