Vaser Liposuction vs Traditional Liposuction in Houston,TX

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Liposuction is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in plastic surgery. Traditional methods of liposuction include using a specific cannula (long, hollow tube) to aspirate fat after infiltration of a wetting solution.  Wetting solution contains saline and lidocaine, which is an analgesic.  Traditional Liposuction methods allow surgeons to remove adipocytes (fat cells) and debulk the multiple layers of fat between the skin and the underlying fascia (connective tissue). This requires a certain amount of manual force that needs to be exerted on the part of the surgeon to extract the fat.

The problem with this basic technique is that when performing large amounts of liposuction fatigue may becomes an issue. There have been advancements used by surgeons such as Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) via a Microaire machine, this is used by Dr. Ravi in all of his liposuction case in order for him to have additional external energy to remove fat faster and will less exertion, therefore he doesn’t become tired as quickly.

VASER Liposuction

VASER stands for Vibrational Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. This is essentially ultrasound.  In addition to the use of Power Assisted Liposuction, VASER technology is also used to give even better results and improved recovery.

After infiltrating the wetting solution into an area, the VASER probe is passed underneath the skin to gently separate the fat cells from the surrounding connective tissue, thereby sparing the blood vessels and nerves. This results in less bruising after surgery. After this, the power-assisted device cannula can be used to then precisely extract fat in that area at various fat depsoit depths. Since the fat has already been separated from the connective tissue, less manual force is required to extract the fat. This leads to less surgeon fatigue and allows the surgeon to perform more liposuction with less perceived effort, along with much improved high definition results.  The combination of VASER and Microaire Power Assisted Liposuction devices allow Dr. Ravi to specifically etch out your fast to give patients an athletic look, even giving him the ability to etch out a 6-pack.

As with all types of liposuction, VASER produces permanent results. However, it is essential to take steps to maintain your results to prevent new fat accumulations.

Maintaining liposuction results is simple, just make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. Neither of these things needs to be extreme for liposuction maintenance. We can discuss weight management during your time in our care to help ensure you get the most out of your procedure.

VASER uses ultrasound energy to emulsify fat before its removal. This serves several purposes, including reduced risk of trauma to surrounding tissue and muscle. Reduced trauma equates to fewer risks, an improved recovery experience, and better results, making VASER a safer option when compared to traditional methods such as “wet” or “dry” liposuction.

There will be scarring at the incision site following your liposuction procedure. However, the incision for VASER are tiny and, with proper care, will fade to all-but-unnoticeable with time.

You can help to prevent visible scars by keeping your incisions dry and clean, allowing yourself time to rest and recover, and following our instructions on which medications, herbs, and supplements to avoid. Not using tobacco products is also necessary if you want to prevent scars.

If your liposuction scars are distracting, specific laser procedures can be used to diminish their appearance. At-home remedies like scar revision ointment and silicone scar sheets can also help.

It only takes a few days to recover from VASER lipo. Most people can resume working at non-strenuous jobs within two to four days, though more physically demanding tasks must be avoided for four to six weeks.

You will return to our office for follow-up visits after your procedure. During these, Dr. Ravi will assess your progress to help you determine when it is safe to resume all normal activities.

At Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, liposuction procedures are performed at our private Houston plastic surgery center. Accredited by the AAAASF, our surgery center is fully equipped with staff and supplies that allow us to address any situation and ensure patient comfort and safety. We will discuss sedation options in greater detail during your initial consultation to ensure you understand what to expect on the day of your procedure.

Enhancing Patient Experience

Ultimately less bruising and blood loss are seen with VASER liposuction. It also allows for superficial liposuction to be performed more precisely. This is the reason why High-definition body contouring can only be achieved with the use of VASER assisted liposuction.

VASER can be performed on any part of the body by varying the amount of energy. At the proper energy setting, the fat cells continue to be viable and can be used in conjunction with fat transfer procedures with excellent results.

Improved results with Body Contouring are a direct result of Dr. Ravi’s experience in conjunction with using certain techniques and technologies such as those described above.

If you are ready to schedule your VASER liposuction consultation at our Houston office, please call (281) 242-1061. Located in Houston, Dr. Ravi welcomes patients from The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Katy, and surrounding areas of Texas.

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