Forget the Facelift! Rejuvenate your Appearance with FaceTite in Houston

October 2, 201810/2/2018 Your skin can really take a beating over the course of your lifetime. Sun exposure (especially with our South Texas heat!), environmental pollutants, genetics, gravity, smoking, the aging process, you name it. Your outer layer is constantly under attack. And all those hazards can really take a toll on your appearance—sometimes sooner than you think. That’s especially true in the face and neck, two areas that are most often left unprotected. But you don’t have to resort to extreme efforts to revitalize you’re features. With as few as one non-surgical treatment with FaceTite, our Houston-area patients can now get all the benefits of a neck or facelift without the hassle. Forget Surgery Not crazy about having to go under the knife to smooth out the lines and wrinkles, tighten the sagging tissues, and refresh the loose skin that the aging process has bestowed upon your face? Well, now you can forget about surgery but sill enjoy its rejuvenating results with FaceTite. A completely non-surgical skin-tightening technique that uses targeted radio frequency energy, FaceTite works to firm up your tissues from within the dermis. This effective treatment can address all the typical trouble spots you’re seeing in the mirror, including the:
  • Jowls
  • Jawline
  • Double Chin (submental fat)
  • Neck
  • Nasolabial folds (the “smile lines”)
  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Brow line
 Forget the Downtime One of the most common complaints with facelift and necklift surgery is the downtime. The recovery period after a facelift can be long and tedious, sometimes taking weeks. But with FaceTite you’ll only be out of action for days, not weeks. That’s because there’s much less cutting and suturing, leading to less bruising, swelling, and pain that your body has to deal with following the procedure. So you can get back to doing the things you love instead of sitting around during a prolonged healing process. Forget the Risks FaceTite is a very safe procedure. The handpiece was designed with a bevy of built-in safety mechanisms. Throughout the treatment, the device uses a closed-loop system to eliminate any chance of overheating the skin or the fat cells underneath. That causes fewer burns compared to a lot of other laser-assisted liposuction methods. And that’s not to mention all of the potential risks and complications of surgery that are avoided when opting for facial rejuvenation with FaceTite. Forget Temporary Results Too If all those amazing benefits weren’t enough, the FaceTite system can also deliver the long-term outcome many of our patients are looking for. That means, in many cases, a single facial treatment can provide results for years to come. Although patient experience may vary, the positive effects of FaceTite usually last for about three to five years—pretty impressive results for a procedure that doesn’t involve surgery. Of course, your skin will still continue to age naturally afterward, and lifestyle habits can play a role in the longevity of the FaceTite treatment. Facelift Results without the Facelift Hassle – FaceTite in Houston at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics To learn more about the no-surgery procedure that produces facelift level results, please contact us online or give us a call at 281-242-1061 to schedule a complimentary consultation. Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics is conveniently located in Houston, Texas, near Memorial, Spring Valley, Katy, and the Galleria.

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