Liposuction Before And After Photos

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Case 1061

This young female patient had Liposuction of her waist to improve her hourglass shape.Case details:Age: 33Height: 5'3"Gender: FemaleWeight: 173

Case 1062

This patient is almost 3 months post-op from Liposuction of the Upper/Lower Abdomen, Lower Back, Waist, Back, and Bra Rolls. The patient was most interested in contouring her abdomen and defining her waist line.  Case Details:Age: 35Height: 5′ 3”Gender: FemaleWeight: 160 lbs.BMI: 28.3

Case 1046

This patient is 7 months post-op from Liposuction of the Abdomen, Back Bra Rolls, and Arms. The patient’s main goal was to improve the contour of her mid-section and upper body.Case details:Age: 40Height: 5′ 5”Gender: FemaleWeight: 160BMI: 26.6

Case 1064

This patient had Liposuction of her waist line. Case details:Age: 26Height: 5' 3''Gender: FemaleWeight: 174

Case 1015

This is a young 29 year old female patient who had power assisted Liposuction of abdomen and waist for improved abdominal contour. She previously had 2 children.Case details:Age: 29Height: 5' 1''Gender: FemaleWeight: 135

Case 1026

Case details:Age: 22Height: 5' 5''Gender: FemaleWeight: 140

Case 1025

This mother of 4 improved the shape of her body by having Liposuction on the lower back and waist at the same time she underwent a Tummy Tuck procedure. Case details:Age: 43Height: 5' 5''Gender: FemaleWeight: 155

Case 1029

Case details:Age: 47Height: 5' 1''Gender: FemaleWeight: 164

Case 1028

Case details:Age: 59Height: 5' 5''Gender: FemaleWeight: 140

Case 1017

Liposuction of back and bra rolls, along with Liposuction of waist for improved body contouring with Tummy Tuck .Case details:Age: 38Height: 5' 6''Gender: FemaleWeight: 215