Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique for Breast Augmentation

Women considering a breast augmentation should have several of their concerns put to ease by knowing Dr. Ravi Somayazula uses state-of-the-art technology in performing all of his procedures. The recovery goes much smoother due to his gentle and precise approach, as well as making the smallest incisions possible (leaving a smaller scar).

Keller Funnel® Implant Insertion

One of his many unique techniques is the use of the Keller Funnel with silicone breast implant placement. Not all plastic surgeons have chosen to implement this technology into their practice. The benefits of using this device include:

  • Allowing the placement of a large implant under the breast while making a much smaller incision than normally needed. This ultimate benefit is a significantly smaller scar when compared to surgeons who does not use the Keller Funnel.
  • Minimizing infection rates and capsular contracture (internal scar) formation by protecting the integrity of the implant by keeping it clean and not allowing the implant to touch the skin.
  • Placement of the implant with minimal stress and trauma to the surrounding skin, leading to less wound healing complications and pain.

Minimal Breast Scarring

Dr. Ravi Somayazula will also measure out the exact position of the scar based on your specific breast anatomy and size of implants so that the final scar is well hidden at your natural breast fold. By taking extra time in the operative room, he performs precise electrocautery of blood vessels when making the breast pockets for the implants. Other surgeons may choose to perform simple blunt bloody dissection, which is a messier technique and leads to increased bruising, bleeding, and post-operative pain.

Is It Worth Getting a Breast Augmentation?

As with any plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentation offers specific results that are beneficial for particular needs and desires. If you are unhappy with the size, shape, symmetry, or any aspect of your breasts, talking to our board-certified plastic surgeon about your breast augmentation options is a fantastic way to learn if the procedure is a good fit for you.

What Results Should I Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Following breast augmentation surgery, you can expect your breasts to be more voluminous, symmetrical, and pronounced. Depending on the procedural options you have selected – such as incision location and implant placement – your procedure can be customized to produce the exact look you desire. The advanced placement techniques utilized by Dr. Ravi, along with our use of Exparel®, help to improve both recovery experience and outcomes. We can discuss all of this with you in greater detail during your initial consultation.

How Long Does Breast Augmentation Last For?

Breast augmentation with implants can produce results for 10 or more years. Revision surgery to replace breast implants can be used to correct any issues that may arise.

Not all women will require breast implant revision surgery. The type of breast implant you have placed along with factors unique to your anatomy and lifestyle will impact the length of time breast augmentation results last.

What Is the Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Implants?

Augmentation is the process of becoming greater in size. Breast augmentation is the process by which breasts are enlarged.

Breast implants are a device that can be used to enlarge the breasts. Fat can be used as well, making implants one, but not the only breast augmentation option.

What Are the Disadvantages of Breast Implants?

Breast implants are not designed to last forever. While some implants will last for a lifetime, others will need to be replaced. This may happen due to rupture, the development of ripples or creases, implant sagging, or any other issue that impacts the look or feel of your augmentation procedure.

Dr. Ravi has carefully selected the breast implants offered at our office, but some breast implants are linked to medical concerns. We do not offer those implants. We can, however, remove and replace them.

An award-winning and truly dedicated plastic surgeon, Dr. Ravi is fully committed to the happiness of each of our patients. During your initial consultation, he will listen carefully to your concerns and assess your breasts and surrounding features to help you decide if augmentation with your body’s own fat or with breast implants will be best for helping you reach your goals.

Improved Comfort and Rapid Healing with Exparel®

To provide additional comfort, Dr. Ravi Somayazula injects Exparel (a local anesthetic) into the breasts while performing your breast augmentation. This decreases the need for pain medications and improves overall healing time. Many patients have been able to return to work within 2-3 days, but keep in mind that everyone heals differently.

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