Tips for Tummy Tuck Recovery

May 15, 2023

Now that you’ve had a tummy tuck, you may wonder, “What’s next?” Most people will see results within two to three months. Recovery is most important during this period. Following a few tips during recovery will aid in how well your results show and reduce the potential for health risks. Continue reading to learn our tips for tummy tuck recovery. 

How Can I Have a Healthy Tummy Tuck Recovery?

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Your abdominal muscles will be sore as they adjust. You’ll experience bruising and swelling as your body heals. You can help your body adjust and heal by avoiding strenuous workouts, such as weightlifting and long-distance running. Some light activities, such as going up and down stairs and short jogs, may be permissible after two weeks (14 days). 

Listen to Your Body

If your procedure is performed at Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics, then your plastic surgeon will inject Exparel into you during the operation. Exparel is widely used for post-op pain management. It is a non-opioid pain relief that has long-lasting effects. We also use a multimodal approach to reduce narcotic use during your recovery.

Although our pain relief methods have many benefits, we do not recommend ignoring how your body feels nor the doctor’s instructions. Sometimes, you may feel well enough to perform certain (prohibited) activities. Don’t. You may complicate your results. Moreover, if you feel unwell, you should speak with your doctor immediately.

Attend In-Office Follow-ups

Dr. Ravi strongly suggests attending two in-office follow-up appointments within the first two weeks of your tummy tuck. The purpose of these appointments is to monitor your recovery and health. Each person is unique and results will vary, so Dr. Ravi also wants to address any questions you may have about the recovery process. He can also provide tailored recommendations.

Drink Water

Try to drink 64 ounces of water daily. Staying hydrated will help your organs function properly, so your recovery can be fast. Staying hydrated also helps your body flush toxins, which makes the recovery process run more smoothly. Not to mention, staying hydrated helps you to eat less and lose weight.

Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgeon Near Me

Do you have questions about recovering from a tummy tuck performed by Dr. Ravi? Are you interested in scheduling an appointment after learning about our unique approach to a smooth recovery process? We encourage you to contact us at 281-242-1061. Our practice is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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