What sets apart a Tummy Tuck by Dr. Ravi from other Houston Tummy Tucks?

February 22, 2018What sets apart a Tummy Tuck by Dr. Ravi from other Houston Tummy Tucks? in Houston & Katy, TX


The 360 Degree Lipo Tummy Tuck

We don’t live in a two dimensional world. When looking at something or someone, we don’t only see them from one angle. We look from various angles: the front, sides, back and every angle in between. Our mind ultimately puts these different angles together to help us determine the final perception of this object or person. Keep this in mind when you are looking to improve the contour of your midsection. Houston’s Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ravi Somayazula, has performed hundreds of tummy tucks in Houston, Memorial and Katy, Texas. With each patient, he continues to perfect his techniques to deliver the most precise results in the safest, most comfortable and most reproducible manner.

After consulting with hundreds of women, Dr. Ravi has come to understand their goals and aesthetic desires. He developed the 360 Degree Lipo Tummy Tuck to not only get a flatter, slimmer abdomen when looking from the front but from all angles. He combines a tummy tuck with internal muscle tightening and excess skin removal along with 360 degree liposuction of the abdominal area. What does 360 degree liposuction mean? That means he performs liposuction of the entire abdomen, upper abdomen, waist, flanks, suprapubic area, and lower back. Essentially a full circle around your problem area. For an even more overall refined silhouette, he will recommend liposuction of the upper back and bra rolls as well.

Taking a Step Back to Appreciate Overall Body Contouring

Dr. Ravi contours the front, sides and back of the trunk making this a circumferential surgery, meaning that you’ll see improvement in your body from all angles. By coming to a top plastic surgeon specializing in breast and body contouring surgeries, Dr. Ravi uses his aesthetic eye for detail to look at your entire body and not only certain sections. The normal abdominoplasty or tummy tuck results typically shows improvement in the front only, with possibly some improvement in the sides. But with the 360 Degree Lipo Tummy Tuck, all the angles of the midsection will show improvement. The liposuction of the waist and flank areas improves your waistline. With this approach and technique, not only are you left with a smoother, flatter stomach but you no longer have love handles that stick out over your jeans.

The Hourglass Shape

Liposuction of the lower back helps create that inward curve women are looking for to help create a more hourglass shape. These precise alterations cause the abdominal area to become smaller and can help your buttock area appear larger. Everything is relative and when you have a more cinched in midsection, everything around it will appear to look larger. The illusion is that Dr. Ravi has created a larger behind, when in fact nothing was done to it. Some women even look like they have had a Brazilian Butt Lift (also known as Fat Transfer to Buttocks).

The Power of Liposuction

To remove as much fat as possible while contouring the recommended areas, Dr. Ravi uses power-assisted liposuction with Microaire technology instead of the bread and butter conventional liposuction techniques. As the name entails, there is a lot more power behind this specific type of liposuction, therefore he removes more fat while getting smoother results. By utilizing this technology, Dr. Ravi concentrates on safely removing the excess fat while sculpting and etching out those areas to improve the overall aesthetic silhouette.

Muscle Tightening

With pregnancy, weight gain and the natural aging process, the abdominal muscles spread apart and can form diastasis recti. During his tummy tucks, Dr. Ravi tightens these loose muscles to create an internal corset to narrow the waistline to help attain that six-pack that’s been so elusive. However, what makes Dr. Ravi’s tummy tuck surgery stand is additional tightening of other muscles of the abdomen to fine tune and further sculpt the abdomen in ways that simple six pack tightening alone cannot accomplish. While significantly improving the front view contour of the tummy, he recommends improving the contour of your sides and back as well. Once your abdomen is flatter, it will in fact accentuate any excess fat that you carry in your sides and back.

The Belly Button

Finally, many patients who undergo abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, may have a flatter tummy, however their umbilicus (or belly button) does not look natural. In a bikini, the unnatural looking belly button is a telltale sign that you’ve have had a tummy tuck. Dr. Ravi taken extra time during surgery to make the belly button appear as natural as possible. The belly buttons of models appear to be small and slightly oval in appearance, this is what Dr. Ravi tries to recreate consistently.

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In summary, The Body by Ravi 360 Degree Lipo Tummy Tuck is not just another tummy tuck. It is a precise sequence and combination of powerful sculpting maneuvers with cutting edge technology that allows Dr. Ravi to obtain the best result possible for his patients in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Call us today at 281-242-1061 to schedule a confidential consultation and learn if this is the right procedure for you. We are conveniently located in Houston, Texas near Memorial, Spring Valley, Katy and the Galleria.

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