Houston’s Top Plastic Surgery Procedures to Help You Get Your Summer Body This Winter

January 18, 2019

Sweater weather has finally arrived in Houston! But it’s easy to forget that the warm summer months are right around the corner. For this reason, every year most of us end up feeling unprepared for the arrival of bikini season. This year, be proactive. Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics’ board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Ravi Somayazula, recommends these top five procedures you can have this winter that guarantees to help achieve your ideal summer figure.

#1 Breast Augmentation
Young Woman Measuring Breasts

Breast augmentation uses safe saline or silicone breast implants to improve the size, projection, and symmetry of the chest. Creating better physical proportions, breast augmentation can be a wonderful way to look more curvaceous under clothing and in a swimsuit, all while increasing your overall confidence level. The endless days of strapless dresses will be here soon, make sure you have something to hold them up!

Breast augmentation requires about a week to recover, although most women are back at work in three days or less. For a safe recovery, heavy lifting and strenuous exercise should be postponed for four to six weeks. Winter is the ideal time to have breast implants placed so that all the swelling dissipates, and the implants gradually fall into place by bikini time.  Also, the incisions take a few weeks to fully heal. During the healing process, they should not be submerged in water, such as a pool, hot tub or ocean, to prevent infection. The incisions should also not be exposed to direct sunlight, as that may permanently darken the scars.

#2 Tummy Tuck

Plastic surgery doctor draw lines with marker on patient belly
The abdomen is one of the first places we accumulate fat and loose skin. Sadly, this stubborn are can be resistant to diet and exercise. Dr. Ravi’s
tummy tuck is a surgical procedure designed to eliminate the lax skin and fat along the abdomen and flanks. The dramatic results include a stomach that is taut and smooth. C-section scars and stretch marks can also be eliminated during the tummy tuck, creating a more appealing stomach.

To meet your unique needs, Dr. Ravi offers both the full tummy tuck and the mini tummy tuck procedure. Mild to moderate discomfort is common after surgery, as well as bruising and swelling. Immediate recovery can take from 10-14 days. Over the next three to six months, the results from your tummy tuck will continue to improve as the tissue heals and the swelling resolves. During the first few weeks, you will have weight restrictions and you can’t submerge your incisions in water. Once the recovery process is over and final results are here, you will be proud to flaunt your new body during your 2019 summer vacation.

#3 Mommy Makeover

Happy mother piggybacking adorable little daughter smiling at camera
After childbirth, even the fittest of moms can find it difficult to get back to their pre-baby body. A
Mommy Makeover can successfully address the physical changes through a combination of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements, each tailored to the woman’s individual needs. Performed either in a single session or over multiple visits, Dr. Ravi will recommend the perfect combination of Mommy Makeover procedures to get you ready for summertime fun with your family.

Most Mommy Makeovers pair a tummy tuck and liposuction with breast augmentation, however other techniques such as a breast lift or BodyTite PRO can also be included. Depending on the techniques used, recovery can take several weeks. A Mommy Makeover can provide dramatic results that will continue to improve as swelling diminishes over the next several months.

#4 Breast Lift

Health care medical concept. Young woman examining her breasts for lumps or signs of breast cancer isolated on white
Over time, with pregnancies and weight changes, breasts can sink downward, creating a droopy, shapeless chest. A
breast lift will bring the breast to a higher position by tightening up stretched breast tissue and skin. The surgical procedure can improve physical appearance while adding to a woman’s self-confidence.

During Dr. Ravi’s breast lift, unwanted skin and breast tissue are removed from the chest, reshaping the breasts and creating a more youthful proportion. The nipple/areola can be repositioned and reshaped to better match the breasts, as well. For added volume and shape, a breast lift can be performed along with breast implants. Women are normally feeling good enough to return to work within three to five days, however, normal activities and exercise cannot be resumed for at least four to six weeks. To fully enjoy time in the sun, schedule your breast lift at least two to three months before any summer plans.

#5 Liposuction

Man measuring waist
Liposuction is a long-trusted technique to eliminate stubborn, isolated pockets of fat. The procedure can sculpt the features, reducing a double chin, flattening the abdomen, smoothing back fat, and eliminating bulging flanks. Liposuction can provide excellent results when performed alone, or it can be used in combination with other techniques, such as BodyTite PRO, for optimal body contouring.

Liposuction patients should still expect mild discomfort and swelling after liposuction, although they don’t have any weight limitations. Keep in mind that while the initial results can be seen in four to six weeks once the most obvious swelling improves, the benefits of liposuction will continue to improve for six to twelve months. Liposuction, when performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ravi Somayazula, is both a safe and effective part of any pre-summer transformation.

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