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December 13, 201812/13/2018 When you think about the telltale signs of early aging, sagging skin and deep facial wrinkles will come to mind. Unfortunately, the passage of time is not only reflected on your face, but also on your neck. This delicate skin at the neck and lower face can become lax and develop crepey lines, impacting your self-confidence as it gives away your true age. Luckily, Dr. Ravi’s offers the reliable FaceTite procedure to address your aging neck without an invasive surgical procedure. How Your Neck Changes Over Time As the years pass, the thin skin at the neck can loosen up. Exposure to the elements, sun damage, and smoking can cause lines and wrinkles to form. A natural loss of collagen and elastin results in the appearance of horizontal bands and visible platysma muscles. The skin can become lax, hanging looser, resulting in a ‘turkey neck’ that extends under the chin. Add to these changes a sign of the times known as ‘tech neck’, as we constantly stretch our neck to look at our computer monitors, we actually cause the visible signs of an aging neck to appear earlier than ever.   How FaceTite Can Help Your Neck InMode’s FaceTite is a safe and effective, minimally invasive procedure that can address all of these neck concerns in a single procedure, performed in the Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics’ Memorial office. Combining the best skin tightening technology with liposuction capabilities, FaceTite provides beautiful results. The lax, redundant skin on the neck will become firmer and tighter. Visible neck banding is eliminated. The puffy double chin is less noticeable. Isolated pockets of fat diminish, creating a smoother and more defined neck contour. The benefits of FaceTite can be seen immediately, and as the production of collagen and elastin continue, these results keep improving for a full year. The FaceTite Procedure Using a unique, thin wand applicator, Dr. Ravi will use FaceTite’s radiofrequency (RF) technology to selectively warm the deep layers of skin and fat. This heat will melt fat cells, which are vacuumed away using a tiny cannula. The RF energy will also enhance the tissues natural stores of collagen to tighten the skin. For comfort, Dr. Ravi performs FaceTite using local anesthesia with or without light sedation. The procedure takes between one to two hours, depending on the treatment area and the extent of correction. A compression garment may need to be worn for several days, promoting healing and reducing post-op swelling. No sutures are required and FaceTite will not leave any scars. Combining FaceTite With Other Procedures For some people with severe skin laxity, FaceTite may not achieve their ideal results on its own. In this case, FaceTite may be best paired with a more invasive technique. A neck lift can be used to excise stretched tissue, pulling the neck taut, especially useful for patients with little natural tissue elasticity. During a neck lift, the platysmal bands can be tightened so they are no longer noticeable. Liposuction can sculpt the neck and jawline, eliminating larger pockets of fatty tissue. Additionally, FaceTite can be paired with a facelift procedure to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation. The most commonly combines procedures are the addition of Botox and dermal fillers. Find Out If FaceTite is Right for You FaceTite can provide natural, long-lasting results for your face and neck, achieving a more youthful appearance and boosting confidence. The best way to find out if FaceTite is right for you will be to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Ravi Somayazula or Dr. Swapna Gopathi at Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics. To learn more, call our Houston-area office at 281.242.1061.

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