Breast Augmentation with the No Touch Technique

October 19, 2017Breast Augmentation with the No Touch Technique in Houston & Katy, TX

Published 10/19/2017

A well-known complication of breast augmentation surgery is capsular contracture. We previously discussed what a capsular contracture is in a blog titled “What is Capsular Contracture?”. With scientific research, we have learned that when the breast implant touches the skin, it comes into contact with the skin’s normal bacteria. A biofilm eventually forms which can down the road lead to scar tightening, thus capsular contracture. We have also learned that surgeons can take certain steps in order to decrease the risk of the patient developing a capsular contracture.

They include:

  • Preventing the breast implant from having direct contact with skin
  • Meticulous surgical technique with electrocautery
  • Preemptive surgical hemostasis that minimizes bleeding
  • Irrigation of the breast pocket with triple antibiotic solution
  • Covering the nipple with Tegaderm™ to minimize bacteria
  • Changing to new surgical gloves prior to handling the implant

These are all important steps that experienced plastic surgeons take during breast augmentation surgery. Evidence also shows us that the use of the breast crease or IMF (inframammary fold) incision decreases the risk of capsular contracture. The use of the areolar incision exposes the implant to breast tissue as it is placed into the pocket, therefore increasing the risk of capsular contracture. The position of the implant in the breast also matters. Implants placed under the muscle have a lower risk of capsular contracture compared to implants above the muscle.

Dr. Ravi Somayazula utilizes the No Touch Technique during all of his silicone breast augmentations. This involves all of the above steps to minimize capsular contracture including the use of a device known as the Keller Funnel®. This device works to prevent the breast implants from ever touching the patient’s skin (thus the No Touch Technique) during surgery. Once Dr. Ravi completes creating the breast pocket for the implant, the implant is placed into the funnel. Depending upon the size and profile of the implant, the funnel is appropriately cut and the implant is then delivered into the pocket without making contact with the surrounding breast skin, along with less friction and a more gentle delivery. How does it do this? Based on the laws of physics, a pressure gradient is created which actually draws the implant into the pocket rather than the surgeon having to forcefully push the implant into the pocket. This allows easier placement of the implant into the pocket, while minimizing pressure and trauma to the surrounding breast skin at the point of access. This also leads to less wound healing complications.

As you know, there are many choices when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. The most important decision you make is choosing who will perform the surgery. Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is meticulous in their techniques and puts your safety before all else. Our very own Dr. Ravi Somayazula has performed hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries and has hundreds of outstanding 5-star reviews online. He was also recently chosen as a 2016 Top Doctor by Real Self and is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. One of the main reasons he receives these honors is due to his continued education in the field of plastic surgery, as well as his dedication to becoming the best plastic surgeon by safely performing his surgeries with the latest available technology.

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