“The Body Patient” – A Patient’s Perspective on Plastic Surgery with Houston’s Dr. Ravi Somayazula—Part 2 of Tummy Tuck

February 1, 2018


Last week’s blog was Part 1 of Jennifer’s Tummy Tuck interview discussing her personal journey. We have the conclusion of her interview now. We hope you enjoyed hearing about her experience with Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics and Dr. Ravi Somayazula.

Did you feel well prepared for your plastic surgery?

I felt 100% prepared for my surgery. About two weeks before surgery I had my pre-op appointment. I was given a folder with detailed procedure information and paperwork that explained all the essential information I needed to know. Dr. Ravi and his staff specifically went over my before and after surgery instructions in detail so that I could start getting prepared. I was happy I got to meet with Dr. Ravi again before surgery, and he made sure all my last-minute questions were answered. I was nervous about having surgery, but having that appointment really made me feel prepared and eventually excited.

What was the best advice that was given to you?

My best advice was to take the recommended time off work, and to spend time reading through all the surgery paperwork I got at my pre-op appointment. Usually with previous non-elective surgeries I have skimmed over the paperwork, and never really read over the important information. I don’t think I could’ve been half as prepared as I was for this surgery if I hadn’t taken staff’s advice to carefully read over it.

How was your recovery after surgery?

My recovery was better than expected. I took two weeks off work and ended up returning to work a few days sooner than I had planned. I’m not going to lie, the first week was really hard especially with those drains in place. But, Dr. Ravi and his staff did a great job of preparing me and setting my expectations. I knew to take my pain medications as instructed to stay comfortable. I was also go glad they had mentioned that I should start taking a stool softner and Miralax along with the pain meds to prevent constipation. I had a friend who underwent a tummy tuck and her doctor didn’t mention that to her and she has horrible abdominal pain because of it.

Are you happy with your results? Would you do it again?

I am very happy with my results and am so thankful to Dr. Ravi and his entire team. I can finally wear a 2-piece swim suit and sleeveless tops and not feel bad anymore. It’s really improved my confidence and I almost feel like a whole new person now. Plastic surgery may not be for everyone, but it was certainly the right choice for me!

Advise for future patients?

If you’ve been contemplating having a tummy tuck procedure, I would recommend moving forward with surgery. It is not quite as scary as you might think, but it is a commitment. My biggest regret in all of this is that I should have done it sooner. I am so happy to have found Dr. Ravi and his entire staff. They really did take such good care of me and my results are so amazing. I love my new body and you will too, if you choose Dr. Ravi.

We hope you found this patient perspective interview helpful in your journey to plastic surgery. To learn more about Tummy Tucks (or other procedures, such as Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeovers and Brazilian Butt Lift), please call us today at 281-242-1061 or email us to schedule your initial consultation. Dr. Ravi specializes in breast and body contouring procedures and would be happy to discuss an abdominoplasty in person to make sure you’re a great candidate!

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