A Better Backside with Sculptra®

August 1, 2017A Better Backside with Sculptra® in Houston & Katy, TX

Published 08/01/2017

Did you get a chance to check out Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery’s last blog post about the collagen stimulator, Sculptra? In it, we explored collagen loss and how it can affect our facial appearance as we age. We shared how Sculptra actually encourages collagen production to add long-lasting volume. What we didn’t talk about, however, is that the age-defying effects of Sculptra are not limited to the face. It’s true! Sculptra has the unique ability to also enhance your derriere!

Sculpt Your Backside with Sculptra

As we age, everything seems to lose volume and begins to sag. While we tend to focus on how aging affects our faces, other areas, like the buttocks, are also subject to volume loss. As collagen production slows, a once plentiful booty can quickly lose its youthful bounce. Flat and shapeless, the backside is also subject to low, sagging cheeks.

Sculptra for the buttock enhancement is much the same as treating the face. The idea is to encourage volume by naturally increasing collagen production—just on a larger scale. Being the collagen stimulator that it is, Sculptra acts as a volumizer and thus, can subtly enlarge the buttocks. Another important benefit of Sculptra is that it can help fill in divots and asymmetries that can also arise. With Sculptra, our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ravi Somayazula is able to provide a modest boost as well as contour and shape the buttocks.

Many individuals are interested in the Brazilian Butt Lift, however choose to not have it done for many reasons. These includes undergoing anesthesia, taking time off work, lack of extra fat for liposuction, and pain. Sculptra is a great alternate as there is no downtime for our patients who can return to work the same day and no need for anesthesia as this is a pain-free, in-office procedure.

Men and women choose Sculptra for a variety of reasons, including:
  • Sculptra is an especially popular choice amongst men and women who want a subtler and more natural enhancement.
  • Sculptra is ideal for patients who are not candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift because they are thin and do not have enough fat for traditional fat transfer.
  • Our Houston patients love that they are able to achieve a fuller, rounder backside without the discomfort and downtime associated with other, more invasive forms of buttock augmentation.

Enhancement with Sculptra is Customizable

With his skilled injection technique, Dr. Ravi Somayazula is able to personalize each Sculptra treatment to help his patients achieve their desired shape. The amount of Sculptra and the placement of the injection sites depends on the volume and look that you hope to achieve. More than volume alone, Sculptra can also smooth out dimples and possibly minimize the appearance of cellulite.

“Sculptra is great for contouring the buttock,” says Dr. Ravi Somayazula

A short procedure, buttock enhancement with Sculptra is performed in the comfort of Body By Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics’ Houston office. Be on your way to a better backside! Schedule your Sculptra consultation with Dr. Ravi Somayazula.

For Social Media: Did you know that Sculptra can be used to enhance your backside? It’s true! Sculptra can be used to achieve a perkier, rounder, and fuller buttocks!

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