Male Breast Gynecomastia Before And After Photos

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Case 1085

This patient is 2 months post Gynecomastia and Liposuction to Chest. He was looking to better contour and define his chest.Case details:Age: 31Height: 5’9”Gender: MaleWeight: 185 lbs.BMI: 27.3

Case 1084

The patient is 10 months post Gynecomastia and Liposuction to Chest + Fat Transfer to Pectoral Muscle. Liposuction to the Abdomen, Waist/Flanks, and Back. Bodytite to Lower Abdomen. His goals included removing stubborn fat in his abdominal area and contouring his mid-section and chest.Case details:Age: 39Height: 6’1”Gender: MaleWeight: 200BMI: 26.4

Case 1080

The patient is 7 months post Gynecomastia with Retroareolar Gland Removal and Lateral Chest Liposuction. He hoped to contour his chest area to better define his pectoral muscles. *Please note patient did gain 10-15lbs post procedure.Case details:Age: 34Height: 5’11”Gender: MaleWeight: 220BMI: 30.7

Case 1083

The patient is 6 weeks post Gynecomastia with Retroareolar Gland Removal and Liposuction of Chest. A few years ago, after losing 120 pounds with dieting and exercise, he received an abdominoplasty, but was now looking to flatten his chest.  Case details:Age: 24Height: 6’0”Gender: MaleWeight: 195 lbs.BMI: 26.4

Case 1082

The patient is 7 months post Gynecomastia with Retroareolar Gland Removal and Fat Transfer to the Pectoral Muscle. This patient received liposuction a few years ago, but was wanting to enhance his results by contouring his chest.Case details:Age: 42Height: 6’1”Gender: MaleWeight: 205 lbs.BMI: 27

Case 1081

This patient is 6 months post Gynecomastia with Excision of the Retroareolar Gland and Liposuction of the Chest and Lateral Chest. This patient’s main goal was to remove stubborn fat from the abdominal area.Case details:Age: 56Height: 5’11”Gender: MaleWeight: 214 lbs. BMI: 29.8 

Case 1013

This 47 year old male underwent power assisted Liposuction of his chest for improved contouring and treatment of gynecomastia.Case details:Age: 47Height: 5′ 10″Gender: MaleWeight: 208

Case 1079

Case details:Age: 32Height: 5'10"Gender: MaleWeight: 255