Breast Revision Before And After Photos

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Case 8050

This patient initially had saline implants placed 13 years ago, she came to Dr. Ravi Somayazula with a ruptured right implant. She underwent revision surgery with placement of 400cc smooth, round,, extra-full, silicone implants in the submuscular position. Case details:Gender: Unspecified

Case 8053

This patient developed capsular contracture of her right breast after her initial breast augmentation in 2015. She underwent revision surgery to fix the capsular contracture as well as increasing the size of both her implants. Case details:Age: 44Height: 5' 3''Gender: FemaleWeight: 145

Case 8055

Case details:Age: 33Height: 5' 3''Gender: FemaleWeight: 133

Case 8056

Case details:Age: 45Height: 4'10"Gender: FemaleWeight: 108

Case 8057

Case details:Age: 39Height: 5'7"Gender: FemaleWeight: 199

Case 8058

Case details:Age: 47Height: 5'4"Gender: FemaleWeight: 135

Case 8052

This 54 year old female had silicone breast implants placed in 2009, she came to me for her right sided capsular contracture from a ruptured implant. She decided she no longer wanted implants. I performed a implant removal with wise pattern Breast Lift (Mastopexy) along with Fat Transfer to both breasts after Liposuction.Case details:Age: 54Height: … Continue reading Case 8052

Case 8054

Case details:Age: 57Height: 5' 7''Gender: FemaleWeight: 180

Case 8059

Case details:Age: 27Height: 5'5"Gender: FemaleWeight: 120

Case 8060

Case details:Age: 28Height: 5'2"Gender: FemaleWeight: 162