Breast Reduction Before And After Photos

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Case 3015

Case details:Age: 47Height: 5'4"Gender: FemaleWeight: 145

Case 3016

Case details:Age: 46Height: 5'5"Gender: FemaleWeight: 115

Case 3017

This patient had back, neck and shoulder pain due to the size of her breasts, after losing weight, trying support bras (size DDD-G), exercises and rash treatments with no improvement, she decided to undergo a Breast Reduction surgery that not only helped with the pain but with her posture.Case details:Age: 31Height: 5'1"Gender: FemaleWeight: 132

Case 3012

Case details:Age: 20Height: 5'0"Gender: FemaleWeight: 160

Case 3004

Case details:Age: 18Height: 5' 6''Gender: FemaleWeight: 180

Case 3005

Case details:Age: 42Height: 5' 4''Gender: FemaleWeight: 180

Case 3007

Case details:Age: 58Height: 5' 11''Gender: FemaleWeight: 188