Arm Lift Before And After Photos

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Case 3065

This is a 48-year-old female who is 4 months post Arm Lift.Case details:Age: 48Height: 5′ 7”Gender: FemaleWeight: 150

Case 3062

This patient is 8 months post op from a  Brachioplasty (Arm Lift) procedure to remove excess skin after weight loss.Case details:Age: 64Height: 5′ 6″Gender: FemaleWeight: 165

Case 3051

This 53 year old woman lost over a 150 pounds after gastric bypass surgery. This left her arms with excessive, hanging skin. She was unable to fit properly in clothes and she was uncomfortable working out. After I performed an arm lift, she is able to maintain her weight loss with exercise and able to … Continue reading Case 3051

Case 3054

Case details:Age: 48Height: 5'4"Gender: FemaleWeight: 204

Case 3055

Case details:Age: 30Height: 5'7"Gender: FemaleWeight: 165

Case 3053

This 33 year old woman lost approximately 150 lbs with diet and exercise, she felt embarrassed about the loose skin on her arms. She underwent an Arm Lift procedure. Case details:Age: 33Height: 5' 8''Gender: FemaleWeight: 190