Labiaplasty, also referred to as vaginal rejuvenation, is a cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Ravi in Houston and Sugar Land to remove excess labial tissue and correct asymmetry or drooping of the vulvar lips. Natural aging can cause labial tissue to stretch and sag as a consequence of decreased collagen and elastin production. Pregnancy and delivering babies can accelerate this process. Genetics plays a part in some women being born with excess or asymmetric labial tissue. In addition to daily discomfort or embarrassment, there may be loss of sexual interest, decreased ability to exercise or walk due to friction and pain, limitation in types of clothing, and even an increased risk of infections. Dr. Ravi performs vaginal rejuvenation surgery to alter the shape and size of the labia by removing and reshaping the excess skin.

Three major types of labiaplasty procedures:
  • Labia minora reduction: remove excess skin of the inner lips of the vulva
  • Labia majora reduction: remove excess skin of the outer lips of the genitalia
  • Clitoral hood reduction: remove excess skin over the clitoris

The Consult

Various surgical approaches will be discussed during the initial consultation with Dr. Ravi. The procedure will be tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient. A focus is placed on individual patient education with determination of realistic results for both comfort and aesthetics.


All patients will be seen approximately two weeks prior to surgery for their pre-operative appointment. At that time, surgical consents are signed, photos are taken, and an informational packet is provided with detailed instructions for before and after surgery.

The Procedure

The procedure typically takes an hour and is performed at a credentialed hospital on an outpatient basis under general or local anesthesia, depending on your needs. A board certified anesthesiologist is present throughout the surgery.  Dr. Ravi will remove excess labial tissue to reshape, reduce, and contour the labia while preserving the surrounding tissues.

The Recovery

Pain can be expected for several days after surgery due to resulting swelling and bruising. Refrain from prolonged periods of sitting for the initial two weeks. Patients will return to normal daily activities within three to five days, but every patient heals differently. It is also recommended that you do not wear tight clothes or have sexual intercourse for six to ten weeks to ensure proper healing.

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